Impressive looks, with Impressive value


Graphic Design
  •    Logo design and branding
  •    Leaflets
  •    Business Cards
  •    Letterheads
  •    Advertisements
  •    Newsletters

Since our expertise is graphic design, Purexpressions can design your whole range of stationery for you.

Site revamps

Static or redundant sites that need a breath of life. Bring back vibrancy and vitality, to get your customers interested again, or first time visitors hooked.

Content Management

Reduce having to make many changes through a web agency by doing it yourself with one of our Content Management packages. There is one to fit every budget.


Conduct your business transactions online through e-commerce. We set up secure services according to your preferences, ranging from using external systems such as Paypal to your own internal systems over a secure server for electronic funds transfer. Through e-commerce you can also interact within your company as well as with other companies, in marketing, accounts, logistics, negotiations, manufacturing and other business functions.


Some of the main problems of small businesses are low turnover, lack of business, and skill shortage among other things. Having an online presence not only targets these areas, but serves as your shop window to the whole world. With specific targeting we can bring the world to your window. Google, Yahoo and other search engines have only 10 to 11 listings on their pages, excluding the sponsored links, so it is obvious not everyone can be number one, or even get on the first page. It is essential not to go further than three pages deep as surfers and shoppers alike don't like to dig deep when searching, with so much choice around. However we can work together to build a repertoire of alternative, unique Key words that aren't so competitive, to give an edge over others in the same market as you, and increase your chances of high listing.


These are a crucial part of eMarketing, where your newsletters go into every mailbox on your mailing list, providing the recipients have given their permission for you to send these to them. They are the same as the usual newsletters except these are sent out faster through email. eNewsletters have a particular impact because they can be personalised to subscribers and made easy to read through layout and design. Its design usually has the same look and feel as your company stationery, logo or website.